Our work is grounded in relationship, connection and communication.  It is what keeps us in business. We have nearly four decades of combined experience in the Cape Cod building industry and can help you plan and navigate a construction project of any size without losing your mind, your wallet, or your passion for the project. We can also develop smart home maintenance plans that reflect the seasonal nature of life on the Cape and anticipated changes in your own life.

General Contracting

We operate as fully licensed and insured general contractors, specializing in renovations, additions, and home maintenance projects that we oversee ourselves. As general contractors, we are resourceful and give our full attention to every project, ensuring it’s done with care and meets your expectations and your budget. 

Preconstruction Services, Consultation & Project Management 

A construction project can leave homeowners feeling intimidated, confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated, even before it has begun!

We can help. We’ve managed residential construction projects of all types and scales on Cape Cod, making us ideally suited to be your trusted advisor and advocate.  We are big believers in planning ahead before any work starts.  Preconstruction planning is the single most important part to the project before you even pick a builder or a designer.

Some builders aspire to provide this level of client service. Many offer it as a free service, but most just don’t have the time or their interests are not always in sync with yours. Let us help you get the ball rolling with precision and assurance or get your project back on track, saving you time and money and a bit of frustration.

No matter where you are in the process.  Call us to learn more about the benefits of having an experienced construction advisor in your corner.

General Contractor PM & Supervision Services

We are diversifying our long standing work with other builders on Cape Cod.  We have been teaming up with general contractors for years to provide framing and finish carpentry at various scales and tackle special projects. We continue to provide carpentry quotes quickly, work efficiently, and deliver fully insured, expert craftsmanship—always with an eye on how our work advances the project overall.

In 2022, we launched a new line of work: providing project management and supervision on a consulting basis to other builders. Those of us in the industry know how challenging it is to hire and retain skilled project managers. There’s a shallow talent pool; fierce competition drives up salaries and benefits packages; and the chore of constantly recruiting and training new hires saps company resources that could be put to better use. 

While outsourcing project management and supervision is not a new concept, it is not common practice on the Cape. It can work well and be more cost-effective than providing those same services in-house. Our 20+ years of project management experience enables us to “hit the ground running” and calibrate our services to meet your various and changing needs—from early-stage workflow planning, to engaging subcontractors, to on-site review of construction in progress. 

Nimble and confidential, we can manage projects from the beginning, jump in when a project is stalled or lacking in direction, or work across projects to help take your project management to the next level.